Exploration Architecture


River Delta, NASA

Shifting from sustainable design to regenerative design

In addition to our work as architects, we provide consultancy input to architects and clients that want to go beyond conventional sustainable design.

Regenerative design represents a new paradigm that aims to optimise positive impacts rather than simply mitigate negatives.

Many organisations are now keen to pursue regenerative approaches and are curious to know more about how to do this. Our experience in biologically-inspired design approaches, and in developing systematic approaches to environmental design, equips us well to advise on this relatively new area. Projects such as The Sahara Forest Project, which explores regenerative land use practices, has attracted plaudits from national leaders and from senior figures in the United Nations such as Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Our involvement with clients varies from a keynote presentation, to delivering a series of innovation workshops, all the way through to the development of long-term strategies. 

Since Exploration was established in 2007 we have worked with the following organisations:



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