Exploration Architecture


River Delta, NASA

Innovating and collaborating to address the major challenges of our age


We use biomimicry and other innovation tools to help organisations go beyond conventional approaches to sustainability.

Our team will engage in a thorough briefing process with our clients in order to understand the specific challenges of a particular project. We will then conduct a series of brainstorming sessions which aim to identify ideal solutions.

This divergent phase of the process involves drawing on multiple research sources and exploring a wide range of ideas. This is followed by a convergent phase during which all the proposals are assessed in terms of their suitability.

We have an extensive network of specialists, material experts, scientists and engineers who collaborate and bring their expertise to the process.

Our involvement varies from a keynote presentation, to delivering a series of innovation workshops, all the way through to the development of long-term strategies. 


Since Exploration was established in 2007 we have worked with the following organisations:



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